Edtech is More than Just E-Learning

Edtech is More than Just E-Learning

Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong, Co-founder, Udentity

The biggest challenge in education is not learning, it is the ability to guide students in self-discovery.

  • Why Treat Students as the enemy when it comes to Cybersecurity?

    Greg Gazanian, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Arcadia Unified School District

    If students are brought into the conversation then they become allies in a mutual effort towards cyber safety and security.

  • Impact of Digitization on Education

    Wojtek Adamek, CIO, University of Bedfordshire

    Neither technology nor software, but students are our real products—how we educate them and shape their careers is what we must constantly concentrate on

  • Selecting Best Wireless Systems for Campus Connectivity

    Stosh Morency, Executive Director of IT, Kent School District

    As the Executive Director of IT for the fourth largest school district in Washington State, a district recognized internationality for its successful technology initiatives; I get asked a lot of questions about what vendor’s platform we selected

  • Strike the Right Balance between Scale and Local Innovation

    Nelson C. Vincent, EdD, VP IT & CIO, University of Cincinnati

    Cloud computing allows students, faculty and staff to easily store, share, manage and access important documents and systems online anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The Role of Career Technical Education in Bridging the Skills Gap

Stuart Udell, CEO, K12 Inc.

February is Career Technical Education (CTE) Month, created to raise awareness about and help bridge the skills gap currently experienced by businesses across the nation.

The Need for a Digital Strategy

The Need for a Digital Strategy

Dave Swartz, VP and CIO, American University

We have entered a new age for the educational CIOs and the institutions they support, not unlike the...

What's Trending in EdTech? The Inside Scoop

What's Trending in EdTech? The Inside Scoop

Therese Jilek, Director of Technology, Hyde Park Day School

Recently, I had a conversation with a new founder of an ed-tech company. It was a good conversation....

The State of K12 Student Data Privacy in the Cloud

The State of K12 Student Data Privacy in the Cloud

Steve Smith, CIO, Cambridge Public Schools& Founder, Student Data Privacy Consortium

If your district is one of the many districts that have not yet addressed student data privacy at...

The Next Step in Student Assessment

Dr. W. Allen Richman, Interim Dean of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research, Prince George’s Community College

There will never be one tool or method that is the most effective. What will always be the most effective is having a range of tools. Student must know their content, its vocabulary, theories, etc.