7 Keys to Success as a Higher Education

7 Keys to Success as a Higher Education

James Tagliareni, CIO, Washburn University

When I recently became CIO of Washburn University in Kansas, my new colleagues asked me what I planned to accomplish in my first 60 days.

  • The Need for a Digital Strategy

    Dave Swartz, VP and CIO, American University

    We have entered a new age for the educational CIOs and the institutions they support, not unlike the decentralized disruption.

  • Mainstreaming Maker Learning at the District Level

    Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director of Innovative Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools And Nick Schiner, Team Leader of Innovative Teaching & Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools

    With the decrease in cost and increase in availability of computing technologies, as well as robust, powerful manufacturing and robotics solutions.

  • High Performance Computing-Our Path to Success

    Joe Gargiulo, CIO, Southern Methodist University

    It’s interesting to be involved with HPC and to watch how it is transforming so many industries and disciplines.

  • Pixels & Papyrus: Constantly Seeking Balance in a Digital World

    Philippe Ernewein, Director of Education, Denver Academy

    The screen keeps creeping into my world of reading and it has made me start to wonder: How might reading on screen impact my comprehension of what I’m reading?

Why Quality Professional Learning for Teachers Is an Imperative for Student Success

Jacob Bruno, Vice President, Professional Learning, NWEA

Not a Debate, But an Imperative

E-learning Growing by Leaps and Bounds

E-learning Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Thomas Hoover, CIO, University of Louisiana at Monroe

It is much better to be actually able to experience a lesson as if you are actually present at a...

The Case for AR and VR in the classroom

The Case for AR and VR in the classroom

Lucien Parsons, MA, MBA, Director, MAVRIC at UMD

Already, teachers, companies, and universities are adding educational AR and VR to the arsenal of...

Need for Cybersecurity Education

Need for Cybersecurity Education

Maurice E. Dawson, Ph.D., D.C.Sc., SMIEEE, Director of the Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education, Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

America is struggling to fill critical positions in cyber security as cyber attacks continue to...

Three Lessons for Edtech Startups: From the 2019 Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

Ada Woo, PhD, Senior Director of Strategy Implementation and Operations, ACTNext

There are many encouraging advances in edtech that deserve our careful attention, as do the issues that inevitably rise alongside opportunity.